Farmer UAN Rubo Tank
Rubo Tanks - Flexible tanks for special use

Farmer UAN: tanks for liquid fertilizers and UAN

Proven in the world highest quality of materials

  Manufactured in Poland

  Mobile and foldable

  Attractive price

  Assembly in 30 minutes

  Polish manufacturer warranty

Farmer UAN Rubo-tank has been designed in response to needs of farmers for storage of liquid mineral fertilizers, including "UAN" fertilizers. Chemical characterization of fertilizers requires storing in tanks which are resistant to corrosion. Materials dedicated for fertilizers storing are plastics and stainless steel. Farmer UAN tank is made of a special, highly durable elastic fabric coated with PVC (renowned manufacturer of textiles from the EU) and the basic connections mounted therein are made of stainless steel. On customer request, we also offer a second "coat" in the form of a berm as an extra precaution.

Assembly of our tank for liquid fertilizers client can perform by himself - it takes no more than 30 minutes. Farmer UAN is a modern, safe product created by the Polish manufacturer, with use of specialized elastic fabrics straight from one of the world's largest producers. For the needs of our customers we allow modifications in the number of inlet-reperfusion connections and their size. We provide all this to make storage of fertilizers like "UAN" in the tank and its use even more functional.

Technical details
Weight 1300 g/m2
Colour Green
Fabric Polyester fabric, PVC-coated on both sides
Lacquering Bilateral
Protection against UV radiation   Yes
Protection against fungus Yes
Tear strength 430 kg/ 5 cm2
Resistance to temperature From -30oC to +70oC
Application Storage for mineral and natural fertilizers; pH range of 3-10; alcohol content <4%
Capacity and dimensions
Farmer UAN Rubo-Tanks are available in capacities of 25 mand 55 m3. There is a possibility to produce a tank according to the dimensions and the capacity on clients request. 
Tank accessories
The standard Farmer flexible UAN Rubo-Tank is equipped with:
• Input / Output: 1pc - 4pc size 2" made of stainless steel
• Valve / YZ connections Fire (STORZ) in size DN 50
• Strengthening corners
• Output vent 2" on top of the tank - 1 pc.
• Mat for tank protection
• Dry repair kit 
A single flexible container is transported on a special pallet. Form of transport and its costs (own fleet or courier, forwarding company) are agreed individually with the customer.
Rubo-Tanks are transported from Rumia (near Gdynia) – the headquarters of the manufacturer.
Site preparation
Site preparation for the pillow tank is not complicated. The most important that the base is leveled, stable, without slope. After determining there is enough space, it’s essential to clean it from sharp objects: glass, wires, rubble, etc. Other storage conditions must meet the requirements of the fertilizer manufacturer.
The assembly process of our tanks consists of placing it on the previously tested site, unpacking, spreading the protective mat and the main tank,  installing (torsion) the reinforcing corners, and screwing the valve with connections. The assembly lasts no more than 30 minutes.
For assembling the tank is required a minimum of 2 adults.

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