waterbase - flexible tanks, portable tanks for industrial and technology water
Rubo Tanks - Flexible tanks for special use

Waterbase Rubo-Tank

 Quick and easy assembly: max. 60 minutes for one tank

 Appropriate number of connections (4 inch) to provide a good water transfer

 No special permission for transport due to the oversize

 Mobility: folding and relocation may be performed easily

 Usage without complicated and expensive earthworks

 A proven, top world class elastic fabrics

 Possibility of thermal water treatment, using heating mats system, according to the requirements of user 

 Manufactured in Poland (European Union)
 Available also in rental service
„Waterbase Rubo” pillow tanks enable storing of industrial and technology water. Our flexible tanks are dedicated for industrial special trades, especially for hydraulic fracturing services. Flexible tanks "Waterbase Rubo" have increased number of connections (4-inch and 2-inch) for better water transfer. Our product is manufactured from world class fabrics and components. "Waterbase Rubo" pillow tanks do not require expensive earthworks and site restoration after operation.
Stored water in our pillow tanks could be heated by special system "Rubo Heatings Mats". Rubo-Konstrukcje offers for rent: flexible pillow tanks, hoses, manifolds and heating system. We provide rental service with including assembly and disassembly services.

Technical data of tank membrane
Fabric weight 1150 gr / m2
Color grey
Fabric polyester fabric double-sided PVC coating
Increased UV resistance yes
Zabezpieczenie przeciw grzybom yes
Breaking strength 380 kg / 5 cm2
Temperature resistance range from -30C to +70C
Suitable for water storage (except drink water)

Capacity and dimensions

„Waterbase Rubo” flexible tanks are available in standard versions of capacity of  100m3 (100 000l / 26 417 US gallons) and 200m3 (200 000l / 52 834 US gallons). We offer also the following modifications of our flexible tanks: dimensions of tank, size and amount of connections and valves.
Standard equipment
The standard Waterbase Rubo-Tank is equipped with:
  • 4x charge/discharge connections (4-inch)
  • 1 x vent connection (2-inch)
  • 4 x charge / discharge connection (2-inch)
  • Inspection port (30x10cm, ~12x4-inch)
  • 4 x corner reinforcement (steel HDG)
  • Accessories within the tank assembly: protection liner, emergency repair kit 
One "Waterbase Rubo" pillow tank for liquid manure is transported in special crate (3m x 1m x 1m). We offer different types of transport, depending from client's location.
Preparing of assembly area
Preparing of  assembly area it not complicated. Surface have to be flat, stable, cleaned up from objects with sharp edges.
Rubo flexible tanks have to be assembled only on area prepared as indicated above. 
Stages of assembly: 
  • spread protection liner and tank
  • assemble corner reinforcements 
  • assemble connections and vents
Three men are needed only at the stage of  spreading of protection liner and tank.

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